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Directed by Việt Tú, a famous director of Contemporary Theatrics in Vietnam, Tứ Phủ | Four Palaces is a uniquely creative and artistically inspired work of art. The show is based on folklore materials on the Viet beliefs of the worship of Mother Goddesses.

“Tứ Phủ” or “Four Palaces” simply means the belief in the worship of Four Mother Goddesses, including:
Mother Goddess of Heaven, Mother Goddess of Forest, Mother Goddess of Water and Mother Goddess of Earth.


Four Palaces is highly attractive, not only because it is very colorful and lively,
but also because it is unfeigned and completely reflects the Viet spiritual life as well as folk art and culture in Vietnam.


Four Palaces is the representative performance of The Worship of Mother Goddesses, recognised by UNESCO as one of humanity's intangiable culture heritage.


Four Palaces is the performance that tastefully describes local Vietnamese's tradition in practicing religion, a distinctive culture aspect representing the country.


Four Palaces was constructed to impress - using interactive display, combining with multi-dimension formats (lighting, sound, vocal...), in addition to a range of traditional instruments: ceremonial singing, ceremonial music, ceremonial dancing...


Four Palaces performance is located right in the heart of Hanoi, next to essential cultural spots, with just the right duration (45 mins) - is the unforgettable Vietnamese cultural experience to anyone exploring the colorful country.

Love from our audiences

Like nothing I've ever seen!

An absolutely beautiful, spectacular, stunning performance! Everything from the actor's expression, music, lighting, backdrop and of course the traditional costume tells an incredible story. I almost cried at the beginning because it was so beautiful! I felt very privileged to watch the assistants dress the different people, to see such a sacred part of Vietnamese culture... It really was so wonderful.

The show provides both english and vietnamese dialogue but even so, the artistry transcends and will touch all.

Bellatravels2318 Melbourne, Australia

Inspirational and moving

The show was informative, inspirational, and uplifting. We could not have been more engaged. The show highlights the importance of the feminine in our world today.

drbob2018 Paris, France

A great experience, wonderful music.

Traditional music, would not have heard it any place else. Highly recommend. So so different, one of a kind.

kay860 Kansas City, Missouri

Cultural experience

Nice cultural experience with music, dance and traditional clothing at a good price. Short show time makes it not a huge commitment either. Really enjoyed it


Authentic and vivid mountain goddess show

This is a spectacular show on the Mountain goddess rituals of northern Vietnam. The visuals and music were amazing! It was 45 minutes but wished it could have gone on much longer! Definitely a must see if you are in the Old Quarter. Great location.

Shawn S Hanoi, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Great costumes and visual performance

We passed in front of the theatre while walking around Hoan Kiem lake and walked in the show. It was an amazing experience! All the family from Spain was delighted to enjoy the visual performance and learn about Vietnam traditions. Highly recommended for an evening plan after sightseeing Hanoi center.

albertomorenot, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Amazing costume and great insights to one of the largest religion in vietnam

Amazing costume and great insights to one of the largest religion in Vietnam. Great theater with comfy seating.

Manwo, Singapore

Excllent show

Great communication to all audience for understanding the special ritual. They providing ìnformation before and during the show without interupting any part of the show. Great effort, valued performance!

oranethj Bangkok, Thailand

Highly recommended!

This was a show I really wanted to see because I wanted to dig deeper into traditional vietnamese spirituality. I found it to be very informative and highly entertaining. Recommended!

Klaatu 2013 Oslo, Norway

Fantastic, uplifting show!

First day in Vietnam, myself and my boyfriend were looking to emerge ourselves into the Vietnamese culture. Bought tickets to this show, by chance when passing the cong nhan theatre. Absolutely blown away by the costumes, colours, music and amazing theatrical performances by the artist's. It really excited all the senses and gave us a unique insight into Vietnamese culture and religious traditions! Highly enjoyed and will be recommending!

Hlm 269 York, United Kingdom

Four Palaces Show - Beautiful!

Beautiful! Something unique, wonderful costumes and music. Loved the cultural history and price point was excellent. Highly recommend you attend.

janettabor Lake Oswego, Oregon


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