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Establishment of shrines or temples in the worship Four Realms depends on many factors,
original association with saints and holy realms, faith and religion of mediums or necessary conditions, for example. When a medium express a desire to set up a shrine or temple at home, he or she has to take some notes to make sure for worshipping be fully seen to and prepared carefully for long term.

Shrine is established for Kings, Gods or Buddha as well as Mother Goddesses and The councils of Three or Four Realms, Tran Dynasty and many other divinies in the beliefs of Three or Four Palaces. The size of shrine is larger than joss-house but smaller than temple and palace.


Only the chosen can establish shrine or temple of worshipping divinies in Three or Four Realms

Source: Tu Phu – Four Palacs and Viet Theater

Saying in another way, establishment of temples or shrines actually is an invitation of mediums to divinies come their home. So, It will be necessary to mark some important principles if you have intention of doing that.

1. It’s not everyone can establish temples or shrines but only special ones, who are suitable and chosen, can do and they have to organize some rites of presenting themselves to divinies or saints to become medium before. The owners of shrines or temples understand and have a strong attachment with the beliefs of worshipping in Four Realms.

2. Before deciding establishing temples or shrines, the owner should take serious thought. Because it’s very easy to set up but difficult to keep doing or determine yourselve to take care every rituals seriously for long-term. It will be very faulty of yourselves if you set up everything then abandon. It’s not necessary to be so finicial with all of principles but keep enough neccessary rules and regulations everyday as well as required occasions with two or three rituals of hau dong per year, for example.

3. The owners have to especially consider about successors. If you have not anyone to inherit your affairs, you will have to close your shrines or temples, that sounds the same as sending divinies away. It will terrible for you in case of that.


Take a serious thinking about establishment temples or shrines

Source: Tu Phu or Four Palaces by Viet Tu and Viet Theater

In case you are at the ready, let’s do it! There are usually three main altars in a temple or shrine:
The councils of Three or Four Realms in the middle, Trieu Dynasty on the right hand side of servant and The Forest Altar on the left hand side.

At an altar of the Councils, statues are often seated as following below;

The 1 st class, upmost of altar: Statue of Bodhisattva Quan-yi (Bodhisattva of Mercy) or Thousand Hands Quan-Yi.

The 2nd class: Statue of The Jade Emperor (The Ruler of Heaven) with Nam Tao & Bac Dau (name after two stars Crux and Big Dipper) beside.

The 3rd class: Statue of Three of Holy Mothers.

The 4th class: Statue of Five Great Mandarines.

The 5th class: Statue of Twelve Ladies of Honor in Four Palaces.

The 6th class: Statue of Representative of Ten Princes in Four Palaces (The Bo Prince, The seventh Prince and The Tenth Prince). 

The 7th class: Statue of Representative of Twelve Royal Damsels in Four Palaces.

The 8th class: Undermost of The Councils altar are Five Tigers and Two Snakes.

Moreover, there are usually more 2 statues of Boy Attendants below two sides of The Councils altar. In front of main altars, people sometimes locate mini joss houses, worshipping Damsels and Boy Attendants. At some other places, they locate more an altar of Mother Goddess of Nine Heavens. 


The Altar of The Councils of Four Palaces was reconstituted in Tu Phu – Four Palaces show

Source: Vietthetre

Beside above notes, the owners of temple and shrine should remember something below:

1. It’s not necessary to build a luxurious joss house, temple or shrine but imperatively solemn and clean in an airy and suitable space.

2. The invitation saints or divinies to entrance into statues make your altar more solemn however it will be no problem if you can’t do but just worship with pictures, incense, thrones or ancestral tablets.

3. As long as you have sincere in worshipping, you can set up your joss house with an altar or statue of Lieu Hanh Mother or full of The Three Holy Mothers and The Councils, that depending on your ability and conditions.

4. It will be perfect if you invite some saints or divinies from temples, shrines into your joss house. Otherwise, you just have to prepare an incense burner.

5. You should consider about location and sequence of altars in your joss house in order avoid making mistake or inconvenience during worshipping.

That’s all you need to mark and remember before setting up for your shrine of Four Realms worshipping is made sure of thoughtful arrangement.