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In the Viet beliefs of The Worshipping of The Mother Goddesses of Four Realms, it’s a very familiar concept of  “căn đồng”  as well as “người có căn”.  

In Vietnamese, căn đồng means The Fate of a medium and người có căn describes A person was fated to be a medium with a lot of particular traits.

So, what do all those actually mean?

And how can you recognize their traits in a person?

Is it the fact that a medium is chosen and blessed by saints and divinities and can use magic or invoke spirits?

How can you recognize someone who was fated to be a medium or not?


Nguyễn Thị Nhung – a young medium of the 9x Generation (born in 1991). She is a nurse
in a hospital at Gia Lộc, Hải Dương Province. This girl was said to have joined in
The Council’s affairs as a medium by destiny. She thought that she herself
was fated to become a medium.  - Source: Internet

There are a lot of different explanations about “căn đồng”. In some opinions, “căn” means roots or origin/source and reason of something while “đồng” is the same as innocent or pure characteristic of a child. Some others consider that “đồng” should be an abbreviated word of “công đồng” (The Council of Four Palaces) and mean uniform or clothings of saints and divinities of The Council using in the rituals.

It’s said by some people that người có căn đồng or persons fated to be a medium usually because of their karma. Saying in other words, what they had done in a previous incarnation would give them results in this present and they are due to pay for their faults back by supporting spirits doing affairs. So, all mediums seem to look like the children who are purified, taught and lead by saints and divinities to follow the right, change both the mind and body, both lifestyle and life.

In the beliefs of The Worshipping of The Mother Goddesses of Four Realms, known as The Worshipping of The Mothers Religion or The Worshipping of The Spirits of Four Palaces Religion,  the person who fated to become a medium was born and grew up as an ordinary one however, his or her karma belongs to the Spirits. It will be depended on the own destiny of each follower that would be chosen to do affairs as an attendants or medium. 


The person with the fate of a medium actually comes from any classes in society but has a strong spiritual sense.
All of these have some same traits which could be shown in their personal lives. They always get in troubles
but are unexpectedly saved or protected by the long arm they don’t know. Especially, they are fall in love with temples, pagodas and the rituals in rites of hầu đồng or something else like that. - Source: Internet

Each of medium-fated person has the own traits, which is depended on each level of their karma. Not everyone will become mediums but they all have something same, included:

  • They sometimes see images or hallucinations and dream of Mother Goddesses or saints and devinities whom they feel often the appearance of, protect or support them.
  • They especially enjoy the rituals of hầu đồng (mediumship) or other rites in the fest days of Gods and Saints at temples or pagodas. Moreover, they are very sensitive to ritual musics such as hát văn, chầu văn, understand quickly and thoroughly everything in the rites. Sometime, they have no control over their emotions then say or do something out of control although of the fact that they are still aware of everything, which is known as sát căn, meant imbibed the spiritual energy too much to keep balance.
  • Some people get so much troubles that their lives are full of hardship, unfortune and sadness. They themselve always feel unhappy, nervous and afraid of everything without any reasons.
  • A few people have such a heavy karma that they often get panicky or even going crazy then talk a lot of nonsense. Also sometimes they are completely in normal circumstance
  • The fated medium frequently feel teriblly sick or get heavy illness, nevertheless, it will look like nothing happens if you take them to see doctors.
  • Some others are strong, neither any sickness nor unusual traits but always feel insecure, in a state of anxious suspense so much that they just want to go to temples or pagodas to pray Goddesses or Gods for peace

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Picture of Kim Liên actress from Viet Theater and two attendants in a scene of The reincarnation
of Ông Hoàng Mười (The Tenth Prince) in Tứ Phủ (Four Palaces) Show, a real-stage performance
by Việt Tú Director at Công Nhân Theater, 42 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội.  

The fated-mediums come from every class in society and live the normal lives as others. However, they all seemly have to go through the mill as a necessary before finding themselves in spiritual activities. It’s important to get awareness of the difference between what happen to a fated-medium, who is in a challenged period and the naturally objective phenomenons. On the other hands,  it’s the fact that the persons who was fated to be a medium not only get fortune or peace from the Gods and Goddesses or able to invoke spirits but also go through lots of hardship before finding their right way to success. The more you can make clear about this then understand exactly about căn đồng, the more hope you get to protect The Worshipping of Mother Goddesses Religion from disguise and superstition.