In the art, my biggest fear is being obsolete or too conservative. I would never stop creating and always want to make something new to the artists as well as audiences for each part of my performances on the stage...

Life and achievements

In the last two decades, Viet Tu has been the brand of Vietnam's first-class musical and stage arrangement. Each of the career milestone of Viet Tu shows clearly his professional devotion and his solid and sharp direction as the role of the story teller: elaborate, original; it is the subtle combination of the essence of various art forms and cultural perspectives.

Viet Tu's ability to improve his work is an indispensable mark: Each piece is a bigger motive than all the achievements that Viet Tu has earned in his quest to new heights in creativity.

In 2018, Viet Tu will continue the journey he has cherished in the past 4 years:

Bringing folk culture to new heights, into the cathedral of stage arts where both actors and viewers are together embodied into a passionate space, real and authentic adventure, so that all senses are touched and sublimated only during the duration of a show:

"Give me an hour in time, I will give you back thousands of years of history".

Each milestone in Viet Tu’s career, one by one, breaks away from traditional artistic ideologies, leaving significant marks in the Vietnamese contemporary arts.


Very early in his career, Viet Tu has made a big impact since 2002 when he first applied video arts on Ha Tran's "Eclipse" play, introducing a new concept of "live concert".


In 2006, a "Fashion play" named "The tailor's nightmare" (Đẹp Fashion Show spring - summer 2006) continues to be a new definition for fashion show in Vietnam.

2006 2010

Continuing from 2006 to 2010, there are big cultural and entertainment events for leading brands in Vietnam such as: Hermes, Vespa, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Vietnam Airlines...

2010 2017

From 2010 - 2017, Viet Tu is the owner of the four "Show of the Year" awards, and the year 2011 saw him set a record for three of the top five nominations, along with two Best Video Clip Director awards (Devoted Music Award ).

"Traditional is the World" - an advice from Tan Dun, the Chinese-born Oscar-winning composer, for his performance at the Brooklyn Theater in New York in 2009.

Viet Tu changed his approach to ethnic artworks, opening up his future direction with his work: The Tứ Phủ|Fourth Palaces play, the first real scenery play in Vietnam: "Thủa ấy xứ Đoài”, the design for the Vietnamese bronze drum stands in Barcelona, as well as a series of events with materials taken from Vietnamese culture in Tanzania and Moscow...

Some sharing of director Viet Tu about the Four Palaces show.

Viet Tu talks about Tứ Phủ | Four Palaces

“Tứ Phủ | Four Palaces brings the viewers into a spiritual yet modern and exciting world with many surprised taken from many cuts into the mundane life.
The unique sound and lighting effects in addition with the phenomenal work of selected and well-trained performers are the quintessential elements that bring about the success as well as being the reasons why Four Palaces have a special and unrivaled place in the list of high-level products for people who love culture and arts.”