- Viet Tu took “Chau Van” to Tanzania

Post date 04/18/2018

The performance “Co Doi Thuong Ngan” will open Halo Tanzania on 15th October.

- With "Halo Tanzania", what will you bring to Tanzanian people to make them interested in Vietnamese culture and people?

Honestly, at the beginning of this program, I was quite concerned, because Tanzania is not only geographically distant, but it is also far from culture to everything... Making a program that everyone thinks of different ways will not be good. I know that in Tanzania, there were not many large cultural events organized, so the facilities are relatively difficult, whereas the organizers want to make a pretty good event.

At the end of the day, investors relieved all my worries and concern about making this complete. They have made a quick plan with compact and maximum support for me and the team to work under the best conditions, ensuring the construction of a program with large scale and impressive performance for indigenous people. The organizers decided to transfer more than a dozen tons of equipment to Tanzania for the show ...




Vietnamese traditional oil lamps were used to decorate all the guest tables of Halotel.
These lamps’ plinths were designed based on Vietnamese traditional cloud patterns to bring a space
of Vietnamese culture to Halotel.

- Why do you bring more than a dozen tons of equipment to this East African country?

To prepare for a big event in Tanzania is a challenge that requires the effort and undecedented preparation of the crew, because of the difference in equipment supply and mindsets in organizing events...

In order to have the best working conditions, almost all the equipments we need at the event has to be brought from Vietnam, including tons of LED screens. In Tanzania, even neighboring countries do not have enough LED screens to rent, so bringing them from Vietnam is the only way. I am quite fastidious, but that is not the reason, but simply I want Tanzanian people see our efforts and preparations.

- Why the show name is Halo Tanzania?

When thinking about the program, I noticed that when investing in telecommunication network in Tanzania, Viettel called their brand name Halotel? The network operator explained to me that when they arrived, they must not keep their brand name, but their desire was to coin a name that brought closeness to local people. Halotel logo depicts the sun rising atop Mount Kilimanjaro, the symbol of their country. So our program is called "Halo Tanzania", very simple and close. This is the harmony, friendliness and personally I think it is a great message.

- What is the message that you want to send?
Our program brings the color of integration in the friendliest way. I especially use the gate of Temple of Literature throughout the program. When the gate opens, you will see the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, the pride of this country. The gate of the Temple of Literature is like a gate of time, technology, connection. When both gates open, we will find common voice for cooperation. Along with the symbol of the Temple of Literature, the program will bring a very unique Vietnamese space on the stage, in the lobby, at the table ... with familiar images like the oil lamp. Imagine a 2.4 meter lampstand, weighing 100kg because it was made of transparent plastic, the Temple of Literature gate estimated to be 240kg. These two things are  enough to know why we had to bring dozen of tons of equipment to Tanzania. The program also featured Performance of ”Co Doi Thuong Ngan” from The Four Palaces Show, an “Ao dai” collections of "Vuong Trieu" by designer Sy Hoang


The gate of the Temple of Literature – symbol of Vietnamese culture appeared in Halo Tanzania.
The gate also represented the connection and the path lead to the common voice for cooperation
between two companies.   

- You just talked about the message of harmony, friendliness between the two cultures on the show, but I just see Vietnamese culture in your performance. How can you make that mentioned harmony?

- The performance of "Co Doi Thuong Ngan" in the Four Palaces Show will open the program. I choose this item because in Vietnamese culture, it is always the last part of Hau Dong (Mediumship) ritual, symbolizing the sharing of wealth and prosperity. This also brings the very message of Halotel that I come to you not only to create prosperity for me but to share the prosperity with you. The cultural mix in this event will always be present everywhere, so that the Tanzanians feel closer and more friendly.



Artist Kim Lien performing The Reincarnation of the Little Princess of Highland -“Co Doi Thuong Ngan”
– one of the three parts of The Four Palaces Show in Halo Tanzania.

In the “Ao dai” fashion show there will be a fun combination, which are Vietnamese models coupled with Tanzanian boys dressed in ethnic clothing. They are the icon of desert man, on bare . This combination will be beautiful and bring out an exciting message about cultural mix. Initially, it was suggested to use a model in Tanzania to wear “ao dai”, but the Tanzanians suggested that Vietnamese women wear “ao dai”. This proposal is exciting and emotional for us, showing both sides want to feel the deepest about each other's culture. I believe we will leave a good impression on Vietnamese culture and people in this event.

Linh Han