The performance of The Four Palaces relived original ritual

Post date 04/12/2018

TPO – Some people still regard “Hau dong” as superstition, “sell god buy saint”; However, the play 'The Four Kings' has returned the original beauty of Mother Goddess religion
The Four Palaces is a performance by the Viet Theater Company inspired by Hau dong ceremony in Vietnam's Mother Goddess culture. The show is the effort and enthusiasm of director Viet Tu, who spent three years studying and a year on the idea of staging the program with the desire to create the original Vietnamese ritual.

'Tu Phu' returns the original beauty, purity, honoring the splendor, sophistication of the art in Mother Goddess Religion to introduce for friends, international visitors coming to Hanoi. The program has been held regularly for nearly 6 months at Cong Nhan Theater with the frequency of 12 shows per month.

Four Palaces_14

The lobby of Cong Nhan Theatre is decorated with Vietnamese traditional papercraft created in life size.
Using the art of installation, director Viet Tu arranged the papercraft to create the most “expensive”
cultural mood once the audiences step in the lobby. -
Source: Photographer Tewfic El-Sawy

The Four Palaces is an impressive spiritual journey with the combination of the most exquisite beauty of Mother Goddess spirit, Hau Dong ritual with the effects of sounds, lights, images and unique presentation during 45 minutes of the show. The Four Palaces consists of 3 chapters: Chau De Nhi - Mr. Hoang Muoi – Co Be Thuong Ngan.

The actors' ingenious movements combined with beautiful performance on stage and the effects of detailed clips in splendid colors that showed traditional but still modern style.

Four Palaces_6

 Beautiful details and distinguished attachments and jewelries used in The Reincarnation of The Second
Lady of Highlands Performance. These very small details must be showed in a “perfect” way on stage.
They representthe willing to recreate the original beauty and purity of this traditionfrom director Viet Tu
Source: Photographer Tewfic El-Sawy

It can be said that the approach using modern ideology to highlight the traditional element of director Viet Tu, something he has experimented recently in literary projects. It has brought special effects when bringing traditional culture closer to the public.

The play reflects on the culture and thinking of the author in the structure of the work to return the most beautiful, delicate and original art of Mother Goddess religion.

Four Palaces_8

Actress Thuc Hien in The Reincarnation of The Tenth Price Performance where she shows amazing
“transformation” from a beautiful and charming Goddess to a powerful and romantic God.
Source: Photographer Tewfic El-Sawy

Besides traditional arts like water puppets, tuong, operretta, ca tru .... One of the most popular folk art forms is invocation (hat van) in Mother Goddess religion. “Hau dong” has singing, playing musical instruments, with spiritual factors to draw attention from culture lovers all around the world.

Understanding the mother-model and the worship of the Mother as well as the homeland, Chua Van literature is not complete, according to the eyes of some people, this is still superstitious, superstitious, intentionally misrepresenting, distorting beliefs for personal gain. But really, this is a very beautiful belief of the nation, very unique of Vietnam.

Some people still misunderstand about Mother Goddess rituals, like Hau dong or invocation. They thought these are superstitious, “sell god buy saint” for self-interest. But in fact, this is a beautifully traditional ritual of Vietnamese culture.

 Actress Thuc Hien in the role of The Little Fairy of Highlands with details and beautiful attachments on
her costume. During the performance of The Little Fairy of Highlands, the actress must show and embrace
the dynamic atmosphere of the auditorium and bring the audiences to different “high” feelings.
Source: Photographer Tewfic El-Sawy

Therefore, on 2015, March 28th, with the consent of Prime Minister, Vietnam has submitted the profile "Mother Goddess religion in Vietnamese culture" to the UNESCO organization to become the next intangible cultural heritage for mankind.

The file will be reviewed by UNESCO in December 2016 at the 11th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (Convention 2003) in Ethiopia.