The thao van hoa - Director Viet Tu brings the Four Palaces travel to England

Post date 04/12/2018

After more than a year in Vietnam, Viet Theater’s The Four Palaces performance was officially presented at the 2016 World Travel Market from November 7th to 9th in London, England.
This is a huge privilege and opportunity for director Viet Tu, as well as the crew of the show to share experiences with international friends from travel representatives all around the world.


Viet Theatre’s stand were created by 300kg of material which were brought all the way from Vietnam. A pair
of life size flamingo birds’ statue, a huge Vietnamese traditional hammock door and especially the
distinguished costumes of the Four Palaces Show were prepared just for WTM to bring the sense of
Vietnamese culture to London. - Source: Viet Theatre

Before performing in the UK, The Four Palaces was presented to the President and Deputy Prime Minister of Tanzania, together with the Vietnam’s Minister of Information and Communications and the guests from two countries.


Vietnamese traditional foods such as truncated cone shaped cakes and candies made from lotus seed were
prepared for all the customer who would love to give a taste of Vietnamese culture from Viet Theatre’s
stand at WTM 2016. - Source: Viet Theatre

In addition, The Four Palaces was introduced on Time Out in early of January 2015 with the desire to contribute to the beauty of Mother Goddess Religion and to the recognition of UNESCO as an intangible heritage of mankind this year.


International visitors at WTM 2016 stopped by to take pictures with Viet Theatre’s stand. All the visitors were
so exciting to hear about Vietnamese traditional art and culture through the image of the stand and
costumes the receptions. - Source: Viet Theatre

On the first day of the show, creative director Viet Tu of The Four Palaces expressed his eagerness and joy after a long preparation with much enthusiasm in 2016. He was really happy to bring The Four Palaces out of the Vietnam border.

"This can be considered as a giant step forward for The Four Palaces, a landmark for the performing spirit mediumship rituals arts as well as raising the voice of Vietnamese performing culture on the world map.


Director Viet Tu (right) introducing the information about the Vietnamese Mother Goddess Belief, the art of
Hau Dong (Mediumship) and the Four Palaces Show with international reporter.  -
Source: Viet Theatre

Especially, with a large space supposed to be a very good opportunity to promote our tourism, I firmly believe that The Four Palaces is not only a representative of Vietnamemse cultural identity to the international public but also a great chance to approach, seek partners to get access to potential markets such as Europe, America, and other Asian country", director Viet Tu said.

Therefore, director Viet Tu said that the team will hold some talks and discussion with tourism agencies, big and medium-sized international corporations to create a bridge connecting international visitors with the play of The Four Palaces in particular, and the traditional Vietnamese culture in general.