Tien Phong - The celebration of '”Practices Related to the Viet Belief on Mother Goddess of Three Realms' to be the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Post date 04/12/2018

TPO - Last night, at Cong Nhan Theater - 42 Trang Tien, the ceremony of welcoming the intangible cultural heritage of mankind held "Practicing Vietnamese Mother Goddess religion" by Vietnam Cultures preservation and Research center and Vietnamese Theater Company.

After the effort to mobilize international community, with the absolute support of the Government, the practice of worshiping Mother Goddess has been recognized as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind. This is also the first time that UNESCO has honored the Vietnamese woman through the image of Blessed Mother.


        Mr. Pham Sanh Chau, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Special Envoy of the Prime Minister on UNESCO,           Secretary General of Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO, is also a very supportive
             person for The Four Palaces as well as the process of submitting profile to UNESCO.
Source: Viet Theatre

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    Prof. Ngo Duc Thinh, "live dictionaries of Mother Goddess religion", former director of Institute for Cultural
Studies of Vietnam, expressed happiness for a great event in Vietnamese culture.

Source: Viet Theatre


As the Creative Director of Viet Theater and The Four Palaces, Director Viet Tu is committed and enthusiastic
in bringing religious beliefs of Vietnam to international community.
Source: Viet Theatre

The celebration was followed by the performance “Co be thuong ngan”, an excerpt from “The Four Palaces”, with collective of musicians, artists from Vietnam Operretta Theater, who contributed a huge part in maintenance and promotion of Mother Goddess religion on the stage.

Along with this excerpt are the performances of many popular folk artists such as Dang Ngoc Anh, Nguyen Kim Loan, Do Thi Vui, Nguyen Dai Duong, Tran Thi Chung, Nguyen Van Muoi, Duong Thi Phuong Dong.

The profile of "Mother Goddess religion" recognized by UNESCO as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind on the one hand contributes to enhance the position and role of this heritage in society, to enrich diverse cultural landscapes of Vietnam and the world; on the other hand, it will make the community, the practitioners of the heritage to be more aware of Mother Goddess religion so that they are proud and more active in protection and promotion of this spiritual ceremony.

Picture: Quang Minh