Tuoi tre online - International ambassadors dance "Hau dong" in the play The Four Palaces

Post date 04/12/2018


TPO – ”At the end of the performance hundreds of audiences stood up, clapped to the rhythm of the songs.
Sharing the joy of happiness with each other, all the audiences had a chance to experience the “sharing”
culture in Vietnamese tradition. Source: Viet Theatre

This is a special performance of The Four Palaces, which is part of cultural activities celebrating the International Francophone Day, taking place from March 12th to March 23rd in many provinces and cities all over Vietnam.

Hundreds of spectators crowded the theater, in which more than half were international guests. In addition to Vietnamese, the play has French subtitle translated by Eva Nguyen Binh - the lady of the French ambassador.

At this special event, the delegates spent a moment of silence with victims of 3 bombings that occurred in Brussels and expressed their empathy with guests from Belgium.

According to Mr. Pham Sanh Chau, Head of the Foreign and Cultural Affairs Department, about 30 ambassadors and representatives from many countries in and outside the Francophone community came to enjoy the show.

"The purpose of this activity is to honor the cultural diversity, language and common values shared by the international community," Mr.Chau said.


Mr. Pham Sanh Chau - Assistant Minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared his inspirational speech
about how the Mother Goddess Religion and its practice get noticed from UNESCO and how proud
Vietnamese people were feeling and expecting when the profile “The Practice Related to The Viet Belief on
Mother Goddess” was about to be submitted to UNESCO.
Source: Viet Theatre

The 45 minutes of the show was exciting to many viewers. Through the three parts of performance, the audience went from silent to joyful.

After the first two layers were Chau De Nhi and Mr.Hoang Muoi, the third part of Co be Thuong Ngan, with the lively singing of two famous artists, four singers in orchestra, and especially was the cadence of the Medium, the whole room burst into applause. 

Many ambassadors left their seats to "hau dong" in front of the stage. Many delegates from other countries
did not hesitate to approach the stage, dancing to the beat and music. Meanwhile, other fans rejoiced with
small gifts (sweeten rice) spreaded by Medium and Assistants coming from the stage. Source: Viet Theatre

After the show, Dan Potter, an American spectator, said he had seen a “hau dong” ritual at a temple 12 years ago when he arrived in Vietnam. "That ritual offered a spiritual space; This time, the show brings many entertaining factors to audiences”.

As the creator of The Four Palaces, director Viet Tu said: "At the end of this year, the profile of Vietnamese Mother Goddess will be reviewed by UNESCO. The performance that we had prepared can be regarded as a vivid proof of vitality, beauty and spread of Mother Goddess religion and ‘hau dong’ ritual”.

Director Viet Tu also said, in addition to the special program for diplomatic guests, VietTheater still shows The Four Palaces at 18 pm and 19:30 pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Cong Nhan Theater.