Viet Theatre is proud of to be the producer for the Four Palaces show Hanoi

About Viet Theatre

Viet Theatre – The home to multiple Viet Nam traditional plays. Lies in its name is the aspiration to build up the reputation of a theatre where each and every play delivers only the most refined essence of a thousand-year-old Eastern culture through a wide variety of traditional to contemporary forms of art, presenting to culture enthusiasts around the globe a unique, artistically vivid picture of Viet people.

Curated from the outcomes of culturally exploratory trips from East to West during the 2003s, each artwork that Viet Theatre has staged delicately demonstrates their vision of a fusion of Vietnamese traditional art and a touch of contemporary mindset, showcasing not only a play but more importantly, an original picture of the nation, the people of Vietnam.

Viet Theatre was founded by Director Viet Tu, who was born in a family with three generations dedicated to traditional art, a pioneer at Vietnam in bringing the concept of “Modern Traditional” into staging his plays. That explains why best-selling shows of Viet Theatre, “Tu Phu” and “Thua ay xuDoai”, share in common a tasteful combination of original cultural elements from Northern Vietnam, of performers originated from folk artists or even local farmers, with modernistic yet sensational stage effects such as: delicate mechanical system, laser, 3D projector, special lighting effects, multidimensional sound system,…

Each production of Viet Theatre is one of a kind, fueled by passion and a desire to promote the beauty of Vietnamese culture using their outstanding expressive language that is contemporary art, indicating a fusion mindset with vision about promoting Vietnam traditional art far ahead of its time.

Viet Theatre is truly honored to perform for world-renowned politicians such as Mr. President and Mr. Vice President of Tanzania, to host distinguished cultural icons such as fashion designer Kenzo, Representative of UNESCO Dr. Katherine Muller Marin (Former General Director of UNESCO in Vietnam), ambassadors, cultural attaches from countries all over the world like France, Italy, Canada, Poland, Egypt, Argentina, Haiti, UNICEF,… Mr. Pham Sanh Chau - Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs has also visited to enjoy the plays. Viet Theatre was also honored to participate in the Vietnamese Mother Worship Ritual”, known as an intangible cultural heritage of mankind recognized by UNESCO.